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Iron Furnace Brewing: Tim Clough

November 28, 2022 Episode 44
People, Place, & Purpose
Iron Furnace Brewing: Tim Clough
Show Notes

Tim Clough is one of four co-founders of Iron Furnace Brewing located in Franconia, NH, in the heart of the White Mountains. These four guys, including Tim, were friends in high school and always wanted to start a fun business together and a brewery was the idea that won out! You’ll hear more about a couple of the other ideas during our conversation. Iron Furnace has now brewed over 625 batches of beer with lots more to come. They also have an expansive food menu (panini anyone?!) and have created a home base for community members, active tourists, including dogs and kids, that is absolutely priceless.

Where you can find Iron Furnace Brewing:
- Website:
- Instagram:
- Facebook:
- Physical location: 115 Main Street, Franconia, NH 

Mentions from the show:
- Plymouth State University:
- Franconia's Iron Furnace:
- Cannon Mountain Ski Area:

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