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Mermaids + Madeleines: Heather Auclair-Welch

November 21, 2022 Episode 43
People, Place, & Purpose
Mermaids + Madeleines: Heather Auclair-Welch
Show Notes

Heather Auclair-Welch is the owner of Mermaids and Madeleines, and while she originally hails from Southwest Harbor in Maine and got her start selling artfully decorated rocks as a kid, now she calls Massachusetts home and creates coastal-inspired jewelry and art. The brand evokes positivity, and feelings of calm and joy reminiscent of being near the ocean on a beautiful day. A self-proclaimed introvert making her way as a business leader sharing her brand and her creations with the world, Heather shares so many powerful insights during our conversation. You’re going to walk away inspired!

Where you can find Mermaids + Madeleines:
- Website:
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