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Mayo Designs: Carrie Mayo

October 17, 2022 Episode 38
People, Place, & Purpose
Mayo Designs: Carrie Mayo
Show Notes

For almost 22 years, Carrie Mayo has been the owner and art director of Mayo Designs, a full-service creative firm working with mission-driven and socially responsible brands – and they recently received b-corp certification. Beyond being a longtime entrepreneur, Carrie has also traveled the country twice in her 96 sq. ft. camper van and now lives full time in a 600 sq. ft. off the grid home in York, Maine. One might say that conservation, sustainability, and conscientiousness are in her blood.

Where you can find Mayo Designs:
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Mentions from the show:
- Mammoth Cave in Kentucky:
- Sedona, Arizona:
- Conscious Consumerism:
- New England Patriots Alumni Club:

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